Poli - 03.17 - Present

Product Director / Front End Lead

At Poli we set out to improve opinion polling by removing the barriers that stop people take part in polls. Using Facebook Messenger, we have built an experience where users are happy to take part in polls within the app where there already spend their time and without having to go through the friction of a lengthy signup flow.

Responsibilities included: Product strategy, Fundraising, Developing Front End Architechure.

  • Designed and built a poll admin web app that allowed us to push out complex decision tree polls in an intuitive UI.
  • Built a lightweight, lightning fast webview platform onto which our polls were published.
  • Isomorphic preact code base, using same code for front and back end rendering.
  • End to end testing using cypress.io

Stack: React/Redux (admin), Preact (poll webviews), Modular CSS, Webkit, Babel, Isomorphic Rendering, Firebase, d3, Cypress.io

Sceencast showing Poli poll creation tool, using d3 to visualise a decision tree as it is built:

Twitter - 04.15 - 03.17

Senior Technical Program Manager

Worked within the Brand Strategy team across EMEA, pitching and delivering Twitter specific campaigns for brands, driving incremental advertising revenue to Twitter.

  • Worked hand in hand with the creative teams to provide innovations that could work as creative sparks for campaigns
  • Vetted ideas for viablity and was then responsible for delivering campaigns from a technical point of view.
  • Campaigns included the award winning Restart a Heart campaign  for the British Heart Foundation.

Twitter - 04.14 - 03.15

Senior Developer

After SecondSync was acquired by Twitter I lead the front end team, recreating the Twitter TV Analytics dashboard within Twitter's own technical architecture.

Stack: Backbone.js, D3, Handlebars.js

SecondSync - 09.11 - 03.14

Product Director / Front End Lead.

Co-founder and product director at Social TV Analytics platform SecondSync. We provided a way for Broadcasters, Producers, Advertisers and Brands to understand and measure the conversations happening about TV online. SecondSync was aquired by Twitter in 2014.

Responsibilities included: Product strategy, Client relations, Public speaking, Developing Front End Architechure of the SecondSync dashboard

Stack: Backbone.js, D3, Handlebars.js, Phantom.js, Casper.js

Screencast of the SecondSync analytics dashboard UI built with d3 and backbone.js:

Channel 4 - 01.12 - 05.12

Front End Lead (freelance)

Built the front end for the launch of their Watch Live online service.

LBi - 11.09 - 08.11

Senior Front End Developer (freelance)

Worked accross multiple campaigns and site builds for BT, Barclays, Comparethemarkets and Elextrolux, including the Webby award nominated Elextrolux Art Home website

BBC - 06.09 - 10.09

Senior Front End Developer (freelance)

Optus Australia - 11.08 - 05.09

Senior Front End Developer

BBC - 10.05 - 04.08

Front End Developer



Drawing project

Data visualisation